Walking Dead!



A gathering of captains. 
DCU Forever Evil

Meanwhile at the Hall of Justice

Avengers Assemble!


Photo bombed!

Agents of SHIELD

"These are the wrong guys, Agent Coulson"

Brave and the Bold!

Justice League of America

All along the Watchtower.

"You've been warned about your molting!"

Avengers, avenging...


Super-skrull takes on AIM and SHIELD 

Bring on the bad guys!

 New Mutants



The Expendables. Plus Sam Jackson and Jack Bauer.

 Expendables VS Jack Bauer


Ancient Spirits of Evil...
Alpha Flight Assembled...`ey!

 Stan Lee, not Randy Jackson, presents... X-Factor!

Tag Tournament Begins! 

"Thrilla in Minila"

Akuma Matata. It means "Don't worry, your misery will be over soon." 

 Flash Kick!

 King of the Ring!


Hand to hand combat. 

Attack of the Sinister Six..teen.


Meanwhile, at Stark Enterprises...

I'll be back.

"Damn you, Web Slinger! You're a menace!"

"Doc! We've got to get the future!"

The Question goes postal.

KITT and KARR Fender Bender.

Justice League of America
The Cinematic Avengers

J'onn and Coulson

Doctors Fate and Strange
Eat my dust
Future boys
Electro, Magneto, Tentacles
Spiderman & his amazing friends.

Spider-man and his amazing foes.
Hawkeye and Green Arrow


"I broke the Bat!"

Blue and Gold
"OH MY GOD! My wife's going into labor! Is there a doctor in the house?"

"Doctor? Anyone?"

The Captains Marvel

Black Panther meets White Tiger

Electro VS Elektra

X-Men vs Sentinel

Attack of the Sentinel

Heroes for Hire!
Wonder Man checking out Wonder Woman's Wonder Twins.
Power Couple

Avengers Assemble!
Black Cat steps out

Catwoman hangs tough.

Gruesome in Gotham
The Flash VS Grodd
Flash gives Grodd the runaround.

Strong guys.

Tyrannical Superman VS Socialist Superman

"Well, witnesses say they saw a dead man..."

Green Lantern Corps

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Foreheads

Defenders' Road Trip

Heroes walk the street.

"Hey, boulder-face!"

Titans VS Deathstroke

Electro VS Spiderman


Batwoman, the lesbian avenger.

Daredevil Early Years



Daredevil Again

Moon Knight
Batman and Robin

Bring me the one they call "Skeletor."

X-Men VS Sentinel

X-men face off against a Sentinel.

Gambit and Rogue

X-Men Attack!

Nothing stops the Juggernaut.

Magneto and kids.

Wolverine VS Sabretooth


Cable and Bishop

New Mutants
Mystique and Apocalypse
Magnus and Xavier


Statues and windshields beware.

Jaime Madrox, the multiple man.

Madrox Investigates

Stealth mode! (X-force)

Iron Man VS Crimson Dynamo

Bull's Eye fires into the crowd.

"My spider sense is tingling!"

JLA Avengers Massive Melee!

Thor VS Superman

Captain America VS Batman

She-Hulk VS Wonder Woman

Green Lantern VS Iron Man

Power Girl VS Ms. Marvel
Wasp VS Aquaman
Sentry VS Captain Marvel

Scarlet Witch VS Dr. Fate

Hulk VS Green Lantern Guy Gardner

Captain Marvel VS Green Lantern John Stewart

Booster Gold VS Wonderman

Blue Beetle VS Black Panther

Hawkman VS Hercules

Hawkgirl VS Black Widow

Quicksilver VS The Flash


Giant Man VS Steel

Captain America VS Batman

Namor VS Aquaman 
Chaos VS Order

War Machine VS Cyborg

Vision VS Red Tornado

Green Arrow VS Hawkeye

More Mayhem!

Furious Fighting! 

Epic Battle! 

Royal Rumble!

Anarchy All Around!
Cap VS Bats

The Man Called Nova

Cloak and Dagger

Mephisto and Daredevil

One More Day

"For the last time, it's just a costume!"

Cosmic Clash


Infinity Crusade

Shootout in Soho
The Penguin

Captain America battles his arch-foes

Iron-Man Armor testing grounds

Armor Wars 
New recruit of the Green Lantern Corps

Another new recruit.
Lanterns In Training 

Things go from bad to Norse 

Ronin vs Ninja.

Nova and Nova

Hark! The Heralds!

Random Skirmish

Street Fight

M. Bison double-teamed

Ultron Attacks

Supergirl VS OMAC

"Hulk Smash Abomination!!!"

Cyborg Superman

Nova VS Terrax

X-Men #1 Jim Lee cover re-enactment! 


Flash VS Superman race.

Jay Garrick!

Hydroman vs Aquaman. Winner takes on Marineman.

Wonder Woman takes on two! 

Superman under siege!

Green Lantern vs Sinestro and Star Sapphire

Stargirl and STRIPE

Girl Power

Ambush Bug and Ma Hunkel.

Punisher VS Joker

"Justice is served! Wait, that's not my line."

Robin VS Joker

Bull's eye on a hit.

But not for long.

Deathstroke takes on Deadpool, Taskmaster  and whatsisname.

Terminator stand-off 
Batwoman VS M. Bison

Mysterio VS Question Face-off!

Ronin VS Elektra

Street Action

Spiderwoman VS Silver Sable
Mystic's Schtick

That old' Black Magic

"Exactly what part of Fortress of SOLITUDE was not clear?"

Spiderman photo bombs the Sinister Six.

Osborn, Blackhawk, Fury and Rock.


Evil Genius Huddle

Elektra VS Chun Li.

Wildcat hits the streets.

"Woulda been the ultimate street fighter but I took an arrow to the knee!"


  1. where can i buy this!!! its so COOOOOOOL!!:)))

    1. You can find some at Comic Odyssey, Robinsons Galleria. But a lot of these have been sold out for years. eBay is always an option...

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Luke! I'm a huge fan of your work!

  3. Bravo! Cool pics, Awesome Dio, Astounding Collection.

  4. Awesome pics/collection. Love the use of mega bloks for the city! But do u happen to remember where u got the brown stone ground in ur thundercats pics?

    1. Hi! Apologies for missing this comment. I got those from a Christmas Decoration shop in Michigan years ago. They're rubber mats with textures designed for those miniature Christmas villages.

  5. Where did you buy these Minimates and scenarios, man?

  6. Hi William!

    I'm afraid I got those from multiple sources. You'll have to be more specific as to which scenario or minimates you're referring.

    Minimates are generally available at comic book shops that sell American Comics. Specialty toy stores sometimes carry them too. You'll also find them on eBay. I collected these minimates and diorama pieces over the past 10 years.