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A San Diego Comic Con Exclusive!


San Diego 2013

After years of wishing, I finally made the trek to San Diego Comic Con this past July.
I managed to snag a few toys on the trip as well. Check out this swag.



Holy Grails. White Whale.

Toy collectors love wishing for stuff we don't have. Not that we don't enjoy what we already have, it's just that it's never complete. It's almost like as soon as we acquire something, and perhaps maybe after a short honeymoon period, we start looking for something else.

To clarify, these are toys that are already out there.



As a child of the 80s, I loved The Transformers. I had a whole bunch of them and I remember the very first figure I bought, Cliffjumper. Which I promptly broke right out of the box. I was disappointed because it was the wrong color–yellow. Little did I know that this was actually a rare variant.

Seems like only yesterday when one of my closest buddies at the time and I would walk to Greenhills to buy Autobots or Decepticons from classic toy shops of yore like Nova Fontana, Best and Ultra Noblia. I still recall when my mom bought me a whole bunch of Transformers for Christmas-I distinctly remember Blaster, Grimlock, Mirage and Soundwave as part of that first set. I even scored Metroplex a year later.

However, my entire collection went up in flames when our house burned down in 1986. I even remember the last new Autobot I had right before the fire: Crosshairs of the Targetmasters.

Today's Transformers are more complex. Especially the Masterpiece series. I've been picky with my selection. But I wanted to give you a look at my current batch of bots. Click here to see the gallery.

Toy line: Transformers

Toy company: Diamond Select Toys/Art Asylum
Wish list: Masterpiece Prime II, Masterpiece Grimlock, Masterpiece Seekers: Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp, Fansproject Hercules "Devastator." 



Fantastic Plastic is a photo blog dedicated to my collection of toys. Over the years, I've amassed a rather sizable amount of pop-culture plastic and it's become impossible to display them all. I figured posting pictures of them online might make up for having to store the bulk of them in boxes.

Great wall of toys made in china

My collection is mostly made up of the following: Flash related collectibles / Mattel's DC Superheroes / Mattel's Justice League Unlimited / DC Direct / Marvel Legends / DST Mini-mates / Palisades Muppets / Select 1:6 Scale Action Figures, and a smattering of other figures from several other lines (i.e. Samurai X, Space Ghost, Castlevania, Birdman, Blue Falcon, Thundarr the Barbarian, Pink Panther, Spy VS Spy, Spawn, etc.)

The sidebar features links to the toy lines' individual pages. Not all of them have pages yet but the goal is to eventually have all of them up here.

I've also gotten into some minor customizing and whenever possible, I'll be posting pics here as well.



Toy line: Minimates
Toy company: Diamond Select Toys/Art Asylum
Wish list: Galactus, Photon, C3 Martian Manhunter, Man Bat,  Rhino, Absorbing Man, Hobgoblin,  X-Factor Angel, Warpath, Klaw, Moleman, Warlock, Shatterstar and Cannonball, Boom boom, Molecule Man, Moonstone, Jubilee, Sunfire, Mr.Sinister,  BTTF 25th Anniversary set, Fantomex, Ares, Expendables

*more pics will be added soon!


Justice League Animated

Toy line: Justice League Unlimited
Toy company: Mattel
Wish list: Hal Jordan, Classic Aquaman, Blue Beetle, Mongul, Toyman, Dr. Destiny, Firefly, Green Lantern Guy Gardner
Backgrounds used: Transformers Ark/Teletraan I Playset, Repainted Batcave Playset, Ghostbusters Firehouse


1:6 Scale Action Figures

Toy lines: Medicom RAH, Sideshow GI JOE, Takara Kerberos Saga
Toy companies: Sideshow, Medicom, Takara
Not displayed: Medicom Darth Vader and Stormtroopers, Sideshow Cobra Throne and Recon at Waypoint Environments
Wish list: Sideshow–Zartan, Crimson Guard, Black Dragon, Red Ninjas; Hot Toys–Superman, Batman, Captain America, Ironman; Medicom Scout Trooper, Enterbay Leon from The Professional; Sideshow Arashikage Temple Environment.


DC Universe Classics

Toy line: DC Universe Classics (formerly DC Superheroes)
Toy company: Mattel
Wish list: Anti-Monitor, Jay Garrick Flash, Starboy, Metron, Atrocitus, Larfleeze, Poison Ivy, Metallo 


Spy VS Spy

Toy line: SPY vs SPY
Toy company: DC Direct
Wish list: Spy vs Spy Vinyl

(No Gallery)